Giving Back to the Community – Camp Patriot

O’Brien Provides Support and Tress System for the 6th Annual Camp Patriot 4th of July Fun Run

Camp Patriot is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Micah Clark of Richland, WA. They have a mission to empower and thank wounded and disabled military veterans of all generations though outdoor programs.

“Camp Patriot is so very appreciative of the support that O’Brien Construction Co. has graciously given them this year. While preparing for the 6th annual Camp Patriot 4th of July Fun Run, we approached OCCI to see if they had any ideas on a tress system at the finish line. We had a system derived from 5 gallon buckets, cement, and 10-ft. poles, but it had zero resistance to any wind. They were so quick to enthusiastically respond, saying they will figure something out. Within a few weeks they had found a beautiful sturdy tress system that they purchased for us. It looked fabulous at the finish line. They were so supportive of our event and even took part with their families. We are very thankful of their support.” ~ Janet Wilson, Race Director, Camp Patriot Fun Run