We Bring Value to Our Community

At O’Brien Construction Company, Inc. in Kennewick, WA, we always show appreciation to the people we serve and the places we call home that helped shape who we are today. Our team gives back to the community through sponsorships, corporate donations, employee volunteer time, loaning equipment, and attending events in and around the Tri-City area.

A Community Project Close to Our Hearts

Bringing Joy and Comfort to a Local Dog Shelter

Beneficiary: Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Control Services
Location: 1312 S 18th Ave, Pasco, WA

We helped create a more fun, comfortable, and stress-free environment for the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter’s dog residents by tackling the eroding floor grates in their dog kennels. The erosion prevented toys and other objects from being placed inside due to the fear of them falling through the grates and clogging drains. We quickly offered our services to build and install new grates for all of the kennels.

Now that toys can be placed in the kennels again, the dogs are less stressed and calmer. For O’Brien Construction Company, Inc., it is an honor to be part of this fulfilling community project.

“A big shout out to O’Brien Construction Company Inc., for not only replacing the grates in the kennel runs at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, but doing such an awesome job in such a short amount of time! The new grates make it possible for the big dogs to have toys in their kennel. What a wonderful, ongoing gift to the dogs that is!!!! It makes a huge difference to shelter dogs and to the shelter dog walkers who love them. Thank you.”

“You don’t know how much you are appreciated by both humans and dogs alike. A great big thank you for helping to relieve the kennel stress these dogs experience every day. Can’t wait to donate my first toy!”

Meet Some of Our Sponsorships and Associations

What Is Camp Patriot?

Camp Patriot is a nonprofit organization located in Richland, WA. Their mission is to empower and thank all wounded and disabled military veterans through their outdoor programs.